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Maik - 12/4/14

I’m Owley.
I’m the guy behind these monsters. I have been drawing them for 323 days now. You might know my monsters, but you might not know me, except if you do know me, which a few people here do.
But normally I just post my monsters and that’s it. I don’t want to mix this with personal stuff - I just want to keep this about the monsters. I appreciate all the love you’re giving them, though. I have even named one or two after you fellas. You rock!Now I’m trying to publish a book with all the monsters in it. Which is a hell lot of work if you’re doing it by yourself, like I am. That’s why I started a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit, a Swiss crowdfunding platform. So if you’re interested in getting a copy of the book (only the boring parts such as the introduction or the “thank you’s” are in German) or want some original art of the monsters, feel free to check it out. Unfortunately it’s also in German - but if you have questions, feel free to contact me here or via owley[at]owley.ch, I can translate for you.
http://wemakeit.ch/projects/das-one-day-one-monster-buchI hope you consider this worth supporting!

Kent - 6/4/14

Get out of Hulk’s wayTHE AVENGERS #1.5 (Dec. 1999)Art by Bruce Timm
→ Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
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→ Starring Murray
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→ Doctor Who owls wallpaper - Artistic wallpapers - #19887
→ So hat man sich 1981 die Zukunft der Computer ausgemalt - als Smartwatch mit Floppy-Disk

A quick drawing of Oatis, a really cute robot that Timotheus Welman came up with. I really like this character, so I figured why not try and make my own version!